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Fic: Offense

Title: Offense
Fandom: The Inside
Character: Rebecca
Word Count: 242
Rating: PG
Spoilers: The whole series
Disclaimer: The Inside belongs to Minear and Gordon, not me
Summary: This is my attempt at writing about Rebecca’s thoughts. The idea came from several reviews of the show I stumbled across, and from a statement by Tim Minear that the show is about a girl “with no inside” (I may be misquoting a bit).

She knows she is offensive. The fact that she exists, that she is at all, offends so many people.

She offends the religious because she has destroyed all of their conceptions of purity, and she hasn't even had the decency to die.

She offends the liberals because she's never overcome the damage, because she is living proof that human goodness has its limits, if it exists at all.

She offends the feminists because she is not whole, and likely never will be whole.

She offends the mainstream because she can't espouse conventional beliefs, and because she makes them uncomfortable.

She offends the margins because she isn't theirs; she's a pseudo-celebrity, and she's a little too weird and unpredictable anyway.

She doesn't ever think about herself in the first person. Not even now, when she looks in the mirror. She doesn't think of herself as Becky or Rebecca. Her introspection is always outside herself, in the third person, as a nameless woman or girl. She knows that she's offensive, knows that the world doesn't know how to deal with her concurrent survival and victimization. She knows other people can't understand that survival and victimization can coexist. As long as people don't that, no one will understand her. And, as with so many other things, people are offended by what they don't understand.

She blinks and tells herself to stop staring at her reflection: it's narcissistic. She doesn't think she's going to eat today.


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