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Wicked: The non Oz version - Part 1

I wrote this a while back and The Inside is only featured in the final chapter, but since there's little Inside fics, I figure I'll share.

Title: Wicked: The non Oz version

Fandom: Criminal Minds/The Inside/Untraceable/Gossip Girl/Final Destination

Pairings: Jennifer Jareau with Elle Greenaway/Emily Prentiss/Jennifer Marsh/Clear Rivers/Blair Waldorf/Rebecca Locke and a few original characters

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters from Criminal Minds, Gossip Girl, The Inside, Final Destination or Untraceable.

Rating: 14A

Summary: Jennifer Jareau delves into her wild side.  

A/N: Wanted to try out some smut before I begin my epic crossover story. And if I’m going to do smut, might as well go crazy with it. Don’t expect any well thought out stories or character portrayals here.

A/N2: Just to let people know in advance, I’m intentionally making Jennifer Jareau a twisted pervert for this story, hence the title. So this is a warning to anyone who might be offended because some scenes may come off as borderline rape.

A/N3: For anyone unaware, Jennifer Marsh is from the movie Untraceable, played by Diane Lane. Rebecca Locke is from the TV series The Inside, played by Rachel Nichols. Finally Clear Rivers is from the first and second Final Destination movies, played by Ali Larter.

A/N4: Special thanks to my wonderful betas calliopes_muse  and amethystfirefly over at Dreamwidth

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